MTHS students and alumni rally in solidarity with George Floyd
June 23, 2020
What is MTEF?
June 17, 2020
Music during quarantine: A look at a few albums released during the pandemic
June 16, 2020
MyVote Project: MTHS students help raise awareness about the upcoming election
June 15, 2020
Pennsylvania students are expected to come back to school in the fall
June 13, 2020
Seniors reflect on their favorite high school memories
June 9, 2020
Mr. and Mrs. Wagner retire after 66 shows with MTPA
June 8, 2020
Student Council challenges students on social media to help raise morale
June 4, 2020
The strain of social distancing on the mental health of students
May 28, 2020
Counselors are working to facilitate communication with students regarding mental health
May 28, 2020
The pros and cons of online school
May 20, 2020
How teachers are adjusting to new work-from-home standards
May 19, 2020
Things you can do to stay occupied during quarantine
May 18, 2020
New options discussed in attempt to prevent cancellation of senior prom
May 15, 2020
New changes made to voting process in response to COVID-19
May 12, 2020
Opinion: LGBTQ+ history needs to be taught in schools
May 11, 2020
New PIAA rule generates discussion among female swimmers
May 11, 2020
How MTHS students feel about the transition to online learning
May 11, 2020
How COVID-19 has affected Township's local businesses
May 8, 2020
Girls' Basketball team bounces back this season
May 7, 2020
COVID-19 gives rise to anti-Asian discrimination
May 5, 2020
Night to Shine from a volunteer's perspecive
May 4, 2020
How COVID-19 has affected Manheim Township as of April
May 2, 2020
28 Seniors Recognized at Signing Day Ceremony
April 11, 2020
News MTHS students and alumni rally in solidarity with George Floyd
Arts Music during quarantine: A look at a few albums released during the pandemic
Sports New PIAA rule generates discussion among female swimmers
Features Homecoming Queen: An outdated and sexist tradition


News June 23, 2020
By Dora Betts Nationwide rallies for systematic racial reform have erupted in large and small cities ...
News June 17, 2020
By Allison Fahrney The Manheim Township Educational Foundation has had a huge impact on our school. ...
News June 15, 2020
By Dora Betts When Sari Kaufman, a Marjory Stoneman Douglas senior, became one of the lead ...


Slider May 11, 2020
By Vivian Ealy  On December 17, 2019, the PIAA passed a new rule for swimmers and ...
Slider May 7, 2020
By Grace Jenkins and Francesca Rossini Competing against Hempfield, their biggest rival, Manheim Township’s girls’ basketball ...
Slider April 11, 2020
By Vivian Ealy Twenty-eight seniors at Manheim Township have recently committed to continue both their academic ...


Arts June 16, 2020
By Anisha Parida 2020 has been arguably one of the craziest years thus far, with events ...
Arts June 8, 2020
By Abby Herbert After 33 years of hard work and dedication, Mr. and Mrs. Wagner are ...
Arts November 21, 2019
By Anisha Parida This November 21, 22, 23, at 7:30 PM, Manheim Township Performing Arts (MTPA) ...


Opinion May 28, 2020
By Vivian Ealy Awkwardly stumbling through their pubescent years, high schoolers struggle with a lot of ...
Opinion May 20, 2020
By Scotty Reynolds At the beginning of quarantine, students all across the nation were overjoyed at ...
Opinion May 18, 2020
By Anisha Parida As the world communities continue in their efforts to slow down the spread ...


Clubs January 28, 2020
By Joey Eckman and Jack Sheehan Manheim Township has been known for its success in many ...
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By Max Aurilio One of the biggest events of the school year, the Manheim Township 2020 ...
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By Krisha Patel This year is Manheim Township Student Council’s third year organizing Clash of Classes, ...
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