/The evolution of Mackenzie Horn’s athletic career

The evolution of Mackenzie Horn’s athletic career

By Karli Ulmer

Mackenzie Horn is a senior at Manheim Township High School. She has been competing in track since the outdoor season of her sophomore year. This season has started off well for her. She participates in the 100-meter high hurdles, pole vault, and 100-meter dash. Horn plans on attending High Point University after she graduates high school. In college, she is going to participate in pole vault and 100-meter high hurdles.

Before her track career, she was involved in gymnastics, but she ended the sport after she broke a piece of cartilage off of her elbow. Her doctors advised her that it was not a wise decision for her to return to gymnastics, despite her wanting to continue. So, she decided she wanted to try track. Coach Lyons and a few others encouraged her to do track, and everyone is glad they did.

Competing in track for a couple of seasons, there is definitely room for growth. “I’ve definitely grown as an athlete and as a person,” Horn stated. “My teammates and coaches have a huge impact on that. With them constantly encouraging me, I’ve learned anything is possible if you stay focused and work hard, and don’t give up if things are rough”. Horn is constantly giving all of her effort, and she is an incredible athlete. Her coaches and teammates definitely have an impact, but it is mostly her doing that has gotten her as far as she is now. She stays focused; she may have struggles, but she gets back on track. Most importantly, she never gives up, and that mentality is what is going to get her far in life.  

Recently, Horn has accomplished incredible feats. Breaking meet and state records, she is the league, district, and state champion. She says that having her family and friends at her track meets to support her contributed to her ability to achieve her new records and championship titles. Having confidence got her a long way. After all of her accomplishments she continues to open up the opportunity to achieve more. She has already set herself multiple goals for her upcoming college track season, which her supporters believe are easily attainable for her. Horn says her goals are “to keep jumping higher and make it to nationals in college and maybe someday the olympics.” She will be missed at Manheim Township High School, but now it is time for her to extend her athletic career and achieve larger, national titles.