/From portraits to graphite drawings, art show displays talent of MTHS students

From portraits to graphite drawings, art show displays talent of MTHS students

Gabe Deleo’s colorful acrylic skull showcased at the art show. Photo by Morgan Greenberg.

By Jasmine Boots

The student art show is a great opportunity for students to display their art and demonstrate the hard work they have put in throughout the year.

Senior artists get the chance to display their full portfolios and show off the accomplishments they made throughout high school. Senior Taylor Clarkin views the art show with pride. Clarkin stated, “This is what we work up [to] from freshman year… to finally get to do this is so cool.” She also enjoys viewing the art created by fellow students and seeing the hard work they put into it. Bianca Rosales, another senior, is equally as passionate about art. Rosales, who aspires to be an art teacher, was slightly more anxious, but nonetheless excited about displaying her work. “I have a lot of graphite drawings,” she states, “A lot of my realistic [pieces]…I think I’ve gotten better, so they’re my favorite.”

Senior Taylor Clarkin and her art display. Photo by Morgan Greenberg.
Bianca Rosales’ drawings. Photo by Morgan Greenberg.

Junior Marley McDermott had at least five pieces in the art show, her favorite being a stippled drawing of skulls (pictured). “It was something I had never really done before and I really liked the results of it”.  Gabe Deleo, who is also a junior, is also very excited to get a chance to show off his skills, stating, “it’s interesting to see how, since freshman year, my art has improved.” Deleo’s favorite piece was an acrylic skull painted onto cardboard (pictured). Freshman Maxine Good had several pieces in the art show as well. The piece she was most proud of was a portrait of a friend of hers (pictured). Good says she “never tried to do something [of] that size before” and was happy with the way it turned out.

One of Marley McDermott’s pieces displayed at the art show. Photo by Morgan Greenberg.
Maxine Good’s portrait of a friend. Photo by Morgan Greenberg.