/Key Club’s Trick or Teach: a new UNICEF fundraiser

Key Club’s Trick or Teach: a new UNICEF fundraiser

By Chloe Miller

This year, Manheim Township’s Key Club hosted a Trick or Teach Fundraiser in partnership with UNICEF, an organization that helps eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus shots. Teachers such as Mr. W Kantz, Mrs. Sweeney, Mrs. Bresch, and Mrs. Noecker participated in the fundraiser. Each teacher had a goal of raising 50 dollars from their classes. In return for donating to their favorite teacher, students got to see each teacher that made over 50 dollars dress up in a costume on Halloween. Key Club also has their club members go out with UNICEF trick-or-treat boxes to raise money and awareness for UNICEF. So far, without the help of Key Club members and their boxes, Key Club has raised over 1,000 dollars for UNICEF.

Furthermore, Key Club created this idea because they wanted to make a more school wide fundraiser that everyone could participate in.

“Since it is October, we decided to play off of the Halloween theme, and we thought it would be really fun if we got the teachers to dress up in costumes!” said Emma Dieterle, a Manheim Township senior and Vice President of Key Club. “We thought it would be a good idea to try to make it a school-wide thing.”

The Trick or Teach fundraiser was an instant success. On October 24 during clubs, just three days into the fundraiser, Key Club had already raised over $400, according to Shruti Nair, President of Key Club.

All teachers were given the opportunity to participate and fundraise for Trick or Teach.

“I participated because UNICEF does really great things,” said Mrs. Sweeney, a Manheim Township history teacher, “and because Halloween is my favorite holiday!”

Nearly all teachers that participated in Trick or Teach raised 50 dollars and dressed up for Halloween. Mrs. Sweeney dressed up as a scarecrow; Mr. W Kantz dressed as Michael Scott, from his favorite show, The Office; Mrs. Bresch was a chemistry cat, which is a meme she has in her classroom. In addition, Mrs. Noecker dressed as a witch and Mr. Davis as a pirate.

Mrs. Noecker, a science teacher, dressed up on Halloween as part of the Trick-or-Teach fundraiser. Photo by Gregory Morford.