/New Manheim Township club encourages women to pursue careers in computer science

New Manheim Township club encourages women to pursue careers in computer science

By Krisha Patel

Girls Who Code Club is a national organization specifically designed for girls interested in pursuing a career in coding. This organization was founded by Reshma Saujani in an effort to increase the number of girls involved in computer science classrooms and decrease the gender gap in technology. Currently there are four girls in the MTHS Girls Who Code Club. Lisa Lyons, the club advisor, expects these numbers to rise in future years due to the “increased focus on equity in computer science at the district, state and national levels.” In the past the Girls Who Code Club used be a gender-neutral coding club, however the advisor of the club decided to change it to a girl-only club due to the lack of female involvement in the coding field. Gregory Morford, a former member of the gender-neutral coding club, said “I was sad to find out that the club was exclusive to girls only, but I get why she [Lisa Lyons] did this.”     

Less than 10% of computer science students are girls, which is one of the reasons Lyons decided to start this club. Another reason that  Lyons mentioned is, nationally, the biggest drop in female interest in computer science occurs during ages 13-17 because girls become aware of the prejudices that are often associated with the field of computer science. In the club, girls work as a team to design a computer science impact project that solves a real world problem that is important to girls, while documenting their journey through a web page that they design. This club is designed to give girls the tools they need to be successful in the technology field and hopefully reverse the current trends.