/Severe knee injury leaves senior soccer player Lindsay Kohl on the sidelines

Severe knee injury leaves senior soccer player Lindsay Kohl on the sidelines

By Karli Ulmer

Lindsay Kohl is a senior at Manheim Township High School who has been playing soccer since she was 4 years old. Over these years, she has accumulated a few costly injuries. She had two ACL tears and two meniscus tears from soccer, and has recently acquired a broken kneecap and torn patellar tendon from falling after her last surgery, in August. Her kneecap and patella reconstruction surgery was early September this year. Kohl said the biggest impact this experience has had on her is that she was unable to play her last year with her teammates. She also said physical therapy takes up a lot of time. Kohl said, “It’s a long recovery, so I try to keep a positive mind about it.”

This would affect her next year, as she plans on attending college, but she is not sure which one she wants to attend. Kohl said these injuries have not impacted her schoolwork, but sitting in class has her knee throbbing. When she found out she could not play her last year of soccer, she was completely upset. She felt like she not only let down her teammates, but her coach as well. It came as a huge shock to her and her family because, coincidentally,  her twin sister, Avery, had to stop playing soccer her sophomore year due to 3 ACL tears. Despite not being able to play her last year of soccer at Manheim Township, she still has a passion for the sport.