/Black Student Union invites people of all races to discuss issues in the black community

Black Student Union invites people of all races to discuss issues in the black community

By Chloe Miller

Photo by Shalee Mcgowen

For the 2018-2019 school year, Manheim Township High School has a new club, the Black Student Union. The Black Student Union was started by Tarjah and Kaylah Jean and Gelila Asmamaw. The club is advised by history teacher Lisa Poliski, and currently has about 13 students in the club. The club was founded to create social awareness about the injustice within the black community.

“We wanted to have a club that invited everyone in the school, no matter your race, to join and discuss matters going on in the black community and bring awareness to these issues at hand” said Tarjah Jean, Co-President of the Black Student Union and junior at Manheim Township High School.

The Black Student Union, formed this year at Manheim Township, focuses on encouraging students to appreciate their culture and race. Photo by Shalee Mcgowen.

Tarjah, Kaylah, and Gelila decided last December to create the BSU to foster the black community here at MTHS. In our high school, Gelila believes that black representation is extremely lacking, large scale and small scale. The BSU aims to educate people on black culture and to teach them how to embrace their race. The club is open to everyone in the school that is interested in discussing these matters.

Co-President Gelila thinks that the most enjoyable part of running the BSU is seeing how everyone comes together “to understand what it means to be black in this day and age.” During the club period, the leaders focus on discussing where the club is planning on going in the future and their goals and burning topics that are happening currently in the black community. Both Tarjah and Gelila agree that being in the BSU can open the minds of students to the multitude of issues that are occurring in the black community, and ones that directly affect students and club members at MTHS. They believe that students, no matter their race, should join the BSU to help broaden their mindset and opinions. Being in the club offers students a new and proactive way to get involved with issues that are harming our society. The club itself creates its own community that is welcoming and educational.

“What I truly love and enjoy about BSU is that there is such strength in all of our diversity,” said Gelila.