/The annual Miss Four Diamonds pageant will help to reach Mini-THON’s goal to raise more money than last year

The annual Miss Four Diamonds pageant will help to reach Mini-THON’s goal to raise more money than last year

By Vivian Ealy

In order to raise money for pediatric cancer, the Mini-THON club organizes an annual pageant where a few seniors will compete for the title of pageant queen along with some of the Manheim Township sports teams who will perform dances. The 2019 pageant will take place on January 26th from 7-10 PM in the High School auditorium. Although tickets are not required, in order to watch the show, Mini-THON is requiring that everyone who attends donates a minimum of five dollars to any sports team or contestant.

One portion of the pageant consists of the seniors performing an opening and closing number as well as a talent and Q/A section; they will compete to see who wins the title of pageant queen. There are two winners for this portion: a winner for who raises the most money and a winner for the best performance. Grant Dombach, one of the pageant participants, comments on the importance of taking part in the pageant: “It’s a really good fundraiser for Mini-Thon…and it also brings the community together. There are so many people that come…every year there are people standing in the back of the auditorium watching the show. It puts everyone in such a good mood because it’s comedy and it’s such a fun time”.

The other half includes many sports teams performing dances in front of the audience as well as judges who will critique them. The money raised will go to Four Diamonds families in order to help pay for their child’s treatment. Lauren Kaufman, one of the Mini-THON morale heads, comments on the importance of the funds raised for this event: “With this money, those families never have to worry about seeing a medical bill. All they have to focus on is their child, not how they are going to pay for the treatment.” She reminds the students to have fun at the event but also remember that the goal is to raise money for pediatric cancer and any donation will help.

Photo by Allison Fahrney. 

This pageant is just one step in the right direction for the goals of the Mini-THON club. Every year, they plan on raising a certain amount of money to give to the Four Diamonds families; last year they raised $117,732.20 and this year they plan to raise even more for this life-changing program. In order to support not only the Mini-THON club, but also those who are fighting pediatric cancer, the club encourages all students to attend the fundraising events including the pageant.