/Mini-THON design and food committees help to make each event possible

Mini-THON design and food committees help to make each event possible

By Chloe Miller and Krisha Patel

Manheim Township’s Mini-THON event takes place on March 1st 2019. The event is usually one of the school’s most attended, as the proceeds go to Four Diamonds, a group that helps to cover pediatric cancer bills and help families pay for treatment. Mini-THON is run as an out of school club at Township and though many may not see all of the work that goes in, the committees have been working tirelessly since the beginning of the school year. The respective committees are Food, Design, Donor Alumni Relations, Tech/Media, and Morale.

Design is the largest committee, holding approximately 50 members. Every first Thursday of the month, the committee has a meeting in which they either make posters and banners or decorations for upcoming events. The committee also has design days, which is when the committee members get together at a given location to make decorations.

The design committee decorates for every Mini-THON event, including Snowball, a dance that took place on Saturday, February 9. Photo by Allison Fahrney.

The head committee members for the design committee this year are Alexcia Bryant (12th grade), Isha Deshpande (12th grade), Priya Hans (11th grade), and Abby Laubach (11th grade). The head committee members are responsible for many things including holding meetings, coming up with decoration ideas, getting posters and banners approved. The committee members also do many things to help the heads like contribute some ideas of their own, make the posters and banners, hang the posters, and make decorations.

According to Priya Hans, “The design committee goes beyond decorations. We have to make sure the events look fun and bright. Cancer is a really tragic thing, so the decorations really make all the events hopeful and inspirational.” The design committee is also in charge of deciding themes. The snowball dance always has a wintry theme, however they change up the theme every year for the September dance. Last year, the theme was “neon,” and this year, it was “throwback.” The committee heads try to think of themes that will be most exciting for people to dress up for.

Ultimately, everything that the design committee or any committee within Mini-THON does is for the kids. Diana Lamont, a member of the design committee, says “I am really glad that I chose to be a part of the design committee because I love making decorations and helping decorate for the Mini-THON events knowing that these events help children with pediatric cancer.”

The food committee, another major contributor to Mini-THON’s events, is in charge of providing the dinner, midnight snack, and the breakfast for all Mini-THON participants. On top of all that, the food committee helps raise money throughout the year.

“We do food fundraisers at restaurants and a portion of the proceeds from that night go to us” said Julia Romano, co-head of the food committee, “We also have bake sales at Oregon Dairy where our committee brings baked goods and we sell them.”

Behind the scenes, the food committee puts in more work than one would think. They spend hours raising money for Mini-THON and going out to restaurants seeking sponsorships. During the actual event, all members of the food committee help and serve food during one the food stations, dinner, midnight snack, or breakfast, said Sophia Rockwell, a junior who is a member of the committee. Altogether, the night of, the food committee is in charge of serving food to over 500 kids for 12 hours.

Romano believes that being in this committee, and Mini-THON in general, is a rewarding experience for all the work they put in.

“I love being a part of Mini-THON because it’s something that’s way bigger than myself,” states Romano. “I think this is an amazing organization, and I am so proud to say that I have helped this cause.”