/Clash of Classes set to occur after cancellation last year

Clash of Classes set to occur after cancellation last year

By Krisha Patel

This year is Manheim Township Student Council’s third year organizing Clash of Classes, which will take place Thursday, May 23, 2019. Clash of Classes is essentially a field day for high school, with a variety of games and activities hosted by various clubs. On May 23, Manheim Township High School will be running on an early dismissal, with the extra two hours at the end of the day reserved for the event. Clash of Classes is meant to promote school unity, spirit and morale, however, last year, Student Council had to cancel the event . A problem Student Council came across last year was that there was not enough club participation to ensure that Clash of Classes would have sufficient amount of activities to keep everyone entertained for the entire time, according to Zoe Ike, a member of Student Council. This year, Student Council worked persistently to ensure that more clubs were involved, and redesigned the afternoon’s initial activity in the gym, as stated by Mrs. Davis, the Student Council Advisor.

Student Council started to host meetings in Mrs. Davis’ room during some club periods this year. During the meetings, club leaders met with Student Council to establish ideas and make sure each club had the resources they would need for their booth during the event, according to Hallie Mylin, the Student Council Public Relations Officer. The meetings helped Student Council grasp a sense of what is occurring in the school, as well as guide other clubs to accomplish their goals, whether that is by providing financial support, helping with an event, or participating in an event. To ensure the success of the event this year, Student Council started planning at the beginning of the year, unlike what they have done in the past. They began communicating with other clubs much earlier than last year to assure that the many events that occur that day are set and have no last-minute conflicts. Student Council has worked diligently to make sure that Clash of Classes is a success this year and hopes that everybody enjoys it.