/Class of 2019 reflects on their favorite high school memories

Class of 2019 reflects on their favorite high school memories

By Sydney Witwer

The seniors of Manheim Township have devoted many years of hard work to this school. They have experienced the ups and downs of high school, and after much perseverance and grit, they have reached the finish line. Here are some of Manheim Township’s seniors sharing what has been their best high school memory:

Jess Roshon

“ … probably the final showcase at McCaskey for marching band. It was the best performance I had that season and I had never felt prouder when I marched off the field that night. Everyone was crying and saying goodbyes to the seniors; I’ve never felt so happy in my life.”

Olivia Sterenfeld

“ Helping rebuild our student news publication, BSN Online, and seeing it grow over the past year.”

April Marion

“ … doing singing valentines. Not only did I get to hang out and sing with my friends all day, but it was really fun singing to students and making them all embarrassed or happy.”

Caleb Himmele

“  … probably when I went camping instead of going to prom and the cabin had a spider in it so we slept in the public bathrooms.”

Photo courtesy of Caleb Himmele.

Ben Banzhof

“  … helping with the Four Diamonds Pageant this past year. I was an MC for the event and really enjoyed the role. However, it was even more enjoyable to see how much money was raised for Four Diamonds and being able to recognize the hard work of those involved.”

Photo courtesy of Ben Banzhof.

Nick Boomsma

“  … when I did the team dance for the Four Diamonds Pageant my junior year. I am normally not the dancing type, especially in front of a huge audience, but I had a blast with the other swimmers.”

Hallie Mylin

“ My favorite memory was prom. It was such a fun night, and I loved being able to spend it with my best friends! One of the highlights was definitely my boyfriend fixing my shoes for me like every 5 seconds when the straps came loose. He was a good sport.”

Photo courtesy of Hallie Mylin.

Lucy Svetec

“ … probably Sadie Hawkins sophomore year! Or [the] lacrosse team going to State Championships!”

Photo courtesy of Mark Palczewski.

Hana Musser

“I definitely think prom and post prom were my favorite. Everyone gets really excited in the whole week building up to it which makes classes fun and then pictures are a blast. It’s really great just to see everyone dressed up after seeing them wearing whatever to school. And then post prom is great because you’re just hanging out with your friends for several hours straight doing things such as laser tag and karaoke. Basically the whole night is just a wonderful time and a great way to start to wrap up senior year.”

Luke Mundorf

“It’s too hard for me to think of one specific thing that could be my favorite memory from high school, but if I had to narrow it down it would have to be performing in the musicals and plays. I know this is more of a collection of memories, but it’s the best I can do. From working on a show and seeing it evolve to just talking, laughing, and singing with friends while doing what I love, it’s something I will never forget.”

Isha Deshpande

“ … this year I was one of the committee heads for Mini-THON, [s]o holding up the numbers at the end and just seeing the entire school come together to support such a great cause was really incredible and made this year especially special to me!”

Casey Martin

“ … probably physics day at Hershey Park or the Vermont trips with Ski Club.”

Bella Sisay

“ … meeting so many people through extracurriculars. It’s really nice having people there for you who share your interests.”

Lauren Sprague

“ … going to Mini-THON with my friends or going to Boston and New York City on band trips”

Aden Hunt

“Last year, the music department sent a group to NYC for a couple days. I had a great time sight seeing around the city and spending time with friends. We also had a short musical performance in front of some adjudicators. It was a fantastic trip!”

Zach Johnson

“I’d have to say my favorite high school memory [was] beating cancer!”

Grant Dombach

“ My favorite [h]igh school memory would definitely have to be the Four Diamonds Pageant. It is for such a good cause and it raises so much money that there is just no way to not say it’s my favorite! Being able to spend time with a bunch of boys that I normally wouldn’t be hanging out with really opened my eyes to the great people in the school. I also loved seeing the amazing community work that Manheim Township can do when they come together and support each other and kids with cancer. It also didn’t hurt that overall I won the pageant. I can say that I will always remember the Four Diamonds Pageant!”

Photo courtesy of Grant Dombach.

Nick Tufano

“  … definitely the Four Diamonds Pageant. Standing in front of the entire school and community in a dress was truly memorable. Plus, we raised a significant amount of money for an extraordinary cause.”

Photo courtesy of Nick Tufano.

Suchita Ramachandra

“ … being in Cinderella last year. I got to get close with a lot of my MTPA friends, and I had a lot of fun doing the show.”

Photo courtesy of Willie Alberty.

Matthew Biddle

“I’d say my favorite high school memory would be Homecoming. It was a really fun night, spending time with friends and enjoying the music while dancing terribly.”

Photo courtesy of Matthew Biddle.

Ameera Syed

“ … the whole fall season of senior year (also 9-11 but mainly 12) basically. From warm summer-like nights with friends, football games, pep rallies, and field hockey season, to meeting some of my best friends. That said, senior prom would be my second favorite high school memory just because the whole atmosphere was amazing and genuine and everyone looked beautiful!! Overall, I had an amazing experience in high school and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!”

Nick Gutierrez

“ … winning [the Lacrosse] State Championship. Seeing all the work we put in the previous years and during that year was really satisfying to see it pay off. Definitely taught me that whatever you put your mind to you can accomplish.”

Photo courtesy of Nick Gutierrez.

Baird Thompson

“ … going on the [m]usic [t]rip to New York City last year. I met a whole bunch of new friends, tried some new things ([viewing the] Statue of Liberty, [riding] on a ferry, [going] to the Met, etc), and met my girlfriend that weekend.”