/Grants given to Manheim Township in Fall 2019

Grants given to Manheim Township in Fall 2019

By Vivian Ealy

 In November, the Manheim Township Educational Foundation (MTEF) Board of Directors approved the Grant Committee’s recommendations for 14 grants, four of which were awarded to the high school; the 14grants totaled over $77,000.

The MTHS grants aimed to improve academics, artistic environment, and provide more opportunities for students. The grants were provided by MTEF partners, institutional grants, memorial funds, EITC donations and general donations. 

Matt Jones, an art teacher at the high school, received a $1,952 grant to add gallery display panels in the art hallway. Four new display panels will be added to present students’ artwork at showcases as they are more mobile than previous ones. More students at the high school will be able to enjoy the art students’ creations with the addition of the displays.

David Farina, an astronomy teacher, received a $36,000 grant to complete the third building phase for the Skylab observatory; the money will go toward continuing the construction of the equipment. The astronomy instruments will be permanently mounted at the high school, reducing set up time for students, thus allowing more time for observing. This project is ongoing and will not be finished by phase 3.

Michelle Doll-Osterhout, a physics teacher, received a $2,500 grant that will offset some of the costs for the MTHS Quiz Bowl team to compete at the national level. This money was provided by an outside grant. 

The last grant for the high school was $200 that will go toward the recycling challenge, supervised by Jamie Bresch, a science teacher at the high school. The money will support students from the Environmental Club as they attempt to educate the local community about current local recycling guidelines; they plan to create posters that demonstrate what can and cannot be recycled and place them in each of the Township school buildings. This club aims to further educate the students and staff by filming a video that discusses the BIG 4 trash program in Lancaster City; through the posters and video, the club wants the school to work toward recycling correctly. As the school begins to improve recycling, it will extend to the community as a whole.