/New options discussed in attempt to prevent cancellation of senior prom

New options discussed in attempt to prevent cancellation of senior prom

By Chloe Kline

The night of prom is one of the most significant events of a student’s senior year. Defining the end of an era, prom is a night of not only reminiscing in the memories of high school, but also of celebrating new beginnings. This year, however, will be very different from years in the past. 

With many uncertainties regarding COVID-19 and proper safety guidelines, it is unclear exactly what will become of prom this year. Recently, the Eden Resort has cancelled all events through May and June, though the Manheim Township administration is continuing to research possible options for the students. Considering the rapid changes in not just local legislation but also the state of the world, it is not yet evident when or what administration may decide regarding the celebration of prom. The mandatory stay-at-home order, currently set to expire on June 4, had warranted this postponement. Depending on if this order is prolonged, the celebration of prom this year may be further adapted.

However, there are also other possibilities that schools across the nation are exploring in order to give students the experience of prom while keeping them safe and at home. According to Time Magazine, students at the Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies are planning a school-wide Zoom call in place of prom, so that they may still celebrate together while following the social distancing guidelines.

In past years,  Manheim Township proms were held at the end of April. Celebrated at a time when many seniors have made decisions regarding their next steps in life following high school, this event is significant as a time to celebrate how far high school seniors have come, as well as the opportunities available to them too — whether that be college, trade school or straight into the workforce. As a celebration of these important steps in life, it is no wonder that many of those who attend prom prepare for weeks in advance. 

Though many important landmarks of senior year are being cancelled or postponed this year, many seniors are still staying hopeful. “I think it was considerate of the school to postpone rather than cancel it altogether in the off chance it is still able to happen,” said Anabelle Lapp, senior. Lapp, along with many other seniors, is most excited about prom for the chance to celebrate with friends, many of whom she has not seen in months due to stay-at-home policies.

While the final decision on prom is still unknown, it is important to stay positive during these unprecedented times. Whether prom is months late or online, the seniors at Manheim Township will be able to celebrate together and move forward into the future.