/Student Council challenges students on social media to help raise morale

Student Council challenges students on social media to help raise morale

By Chloe Kline

To keep spirits high among Manheim Township High School students in the midst of a global pandemic, the Manheim Township Student Council has hosted a two-week social media challenge for the student body.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and cancellation of school through the end of the school year, Manheim Township’s annual Clash of the Classes celebration was canceled. In past years, Clash of the Classes has consisted of Rita’s water ice, soft pretzels, and the collaboration of many clubs hosting fun activities for students to partake in. To make up for the cancellation of an event that many students look forward to, Student Council hosted online challenges that students could participate in from their own homes.

For the first week of the three-week event, Manheim Township students participated in a spirit week. The spirit week kicked off on April 27 with students submitting their best timer camera picture. On Tuesday, students wore their daily quarantine clothes, rocking outfits ranging from pajamas to sweatpants to even a tiger costume. For Wednesday’s challenge, students snapped selfies with their pets, and on Thursday students dressed up for Township Spirit Day, sporting blue and white. Spirit week ended on Friday with class colors.

Tik Tok challenges began on May 4, and challenges were posted daily until May 8th. These challenges consisted of trick shots, hidden talents, best dances, free for all videos and best pranks. Many students rose to the challenge and used artistic license to create comical videos that were sent in to the MT Student Council Instagram.

Freshman Liam Rockwell participated in many of the challenges and excelled in many, placing first on both talent day and dance day, as well as third on prank day. He found the dance and hidden talent challenges to be his favorite, due to their open ended nature. “I did enjoy most of the challenges. I thought it was a fun way to pass time,” said Rockwell.

As students came together to participate in the online challenges, they were able to bond together. During a time period when students are home rather than together at school, these challenges allow for them to strengthen friendships and connect in unexpected ways. Filled with laughter and creativity, the Student Council challenges helped to keep school morale high during these uncertain times.