/Seniors reflect on their favorite high school memories

Seniors reflect on their favorite high school memories

By Sydney Witwer

Editor’s Note: BSN Online staff reporter Sydney Witwer asked some of this year’s outgoing MTHS seniors what their favorite high school memory was. These are their responses. 

Abby Laubach: One of my favorite high school memories was going to football games with my best friends to support the boys all 4 years!”

Taylor Kopan: “My favorite high school memory was going to all the school dances with my friends!”

Mackenzie Weeks: “My favorite high school memory was becoming section and league champs for swimming my senior year and also having an amazing swim season!!”

Tyler Kurtz: “My favorite high school memory was definitely during the 2018 State Championship game against La Salle. One of the best moments ever was jumping on top of the dogpile, which started up as soon as the game was over. We had won Township’s first state championship ever. Everyone was throwing their gear in the air and it was one of the best feelings.”

Sophie Ilkhanof: “My favorite high school memory was starting xc because it allowed me to make new friends while actively pursuing a passion.”

Alexa Day: “I think my favorite high school memory is definitely Friday night football games. I just love the energy of everyone cheering. There’s so much school spirit in one little section of the bleachers”

Brendan Braswell: “My favorite high school memory was probably being a Four Diamonds Pageant contestant. All of the practices leading up to the show were so fun, and then the actual night of the pageant was one of the best experiences of my life. Raising money for that great cause by dancing in a dress in front of the community with my friends has to be one of the funniest things I’ve ever done. I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything.”

Chloe Miller: “My favorite high school memory was lifting this year’s Mini-THON total. Mini-THON was one of the greatest parts about high school, and I am so lucky to have been able to work with such a great group of people. Standing on the stage with some of my best friends after hours and hours of work was the best feeling. Being able to see that we raised 140k dollars was mind-blowing to me and is definitely a feeling that I will never forget.”

Avery Peffer: “My favorite memory from senior year is spending New Year’s Eve with my friends. Dancing all night and singing together and bringing in the new year with all my best friends was so much fun and something I will never forget. It was especially exciting because it was a new decade, and also because 2020 is our graduation year and we would be done with high school soon and get to have all the iconic senior year memories, or so we thought at the time.”

Allison Cubell: “My favorite high school memory was during field hockey season this past fall. It was when we beat Penn Manor for the first time in over  a decade! And then we went on to beat them again!”

Meredith Cardina: “One of my favorite memories of high school was when I went to the Philadelphia museum of art for my cultures class. The class became so close over the year that I felt like I was just going on a day trip with friends. When we were there we got to see many different pieces of art from people like Pablo Picasso, Monet, and many other well-known artists. Monet is one of my favorite artists so I was so excited when I had the chance to see some of his most famous paintings. That day we also went to an authentic Latin American restaurant and had some of the best food I have ever had.” 

Xavier Cedeno Bravo: “My favorite high school memory definitely has to be prom last year with my friends who graduated. Easily [the] best time of my high school life.”

Shannon Elias: “Beating Garnet Valley in the state semifinals.”

Julia Romano: “My favorite memory would definitely be when the field hockey team beat Penn Manor this season. We had dreamed of doing that since we were freshmen, and being able to accomplish it as seniors was the best feeling. We even beat them another time in the postseason and the win felt just as great. We really played as a team both times and fought hard.”

Sarah Quindes: “One of my favorite memories would have to be this Aevidum event/festival which Lancaster Catholic organized last year that we were able to take part in! It was great knowing that we were contributing to a great cause and spreading positivity at the same time.”

Annalise Prentiss: “My favorite memory is definitely the trip that we took my sophomore year. The entire music department went to New York for a whole weekend, and all of my friends and I got to tour around the city together.”

Jake Sheaffer: “My favorite high school memory is going down to Myrtle Beach with the baseball team in February 2019 for our preseason tournament where we were able to play a bunch of games, watch a Coastal Carolina baseball game and just hang out together.”

Sophia Rockwell: “My favorite memory from high school is going on the “Travel with Sweeney” trip to Baltimore this December! Being with my friends and our favorite teacher, while exploring the aquarium and the city, made it a day I hope to always remember.”

Elizabeth Cesarone: My favorite high school memory is going to football games with my best friends!”

Brett Benjamin: “I’d [probably] have to go with winning the district championship my sophomore

Rea Fox: “All of my best memories from high school took place when playing and celebrating field hockey with all of my best friends and itd be so hard to pick just one. I guess if I had to it would be the night we beat Penn Manor. That night was awesome … every moment of MTFH was awesome

Yasmin Nicholas: “Looking back on the past four years of high school at Township, I think one of my favorite memories was being involved in singing valentines! Especially this year because I spent hours with Annalise Prentiss at Panera working so hard on the schedules, I think we were there for 4 or 5 hours at least! Putting all that time and work in then seeing the end result and making people laugh was all the more rewarding! A day spent singing and running around the school in all reds/pinks/whites/hearts and getting to embarrass people is so so so much fun and I’m so happy I got to be a part of that for three of four years.”

Liam Roy: “My favorite high school memory is all the friends I made/got closer to. And all the garbage memes we’ve made”

Maya Zagari“This is from beating Penn Manor to make it to the league championship. I think the score was 1-0”

Madalyn Jenkins: “Some of my favorite high school memories: Romeo and Juliet project from Mrs. Wolfe’s class, the class caravan in AP world with Sweeney, going to football games with my best friends, setting up to flags for Veterans Day with my AP Gov class and Mr. Rutledge, the Lancaster 100 from sociology class with Mr. Wagner (TAKE THAT CLASS), Philly field trip with my psychology class, every class with Mr. Schulz, and the time I missed my AP English exam and became a meme.”

Tyler Fox: “Sophomore year lacrosse season winning the state championship!”

Janelle Williams: “Hands down my favorite high school memory was joining the England and France summer trip hosted by Mrs. Sweeney and Mrs. Kennedy. I was extremely apprehensive when I first joined because I hadn’t previously known a majority of the people in the group. However, in the time we had spent venturing foreign terrain, hopping from hotel to hotel, and waking up at dawn every day gearing up for our next adventure, I built a close, unique bond with every individual in our group of sixteen. This trip included many firsts for me, as well as many other members of the group. It was my first time on a plane and traveling outside of the country, it was definitely a scary yet exciting suspense building up to our departure. EF tours did a wonderful job filling our excursion with lots of activities and delicious food, while still hitting notorious landmarks. We got to see the London Eye, Big Ben, Stonehenge, and the Eiffel Tower, just to name a few. Having the opportunity to explore a foreign country in a safe, organized manner is a privilege I am extremely fortunate to have had. Every moment I’ve captured from the trip I continue to cherish, even almost a year later. An honorable mention of my favorite high school memory is participating in Blue Streak News Online. I remember the exact moment I received the letter from Mr. Pflieger asking to join and revamp the club. I was a sophomore, sitting in my study hall, anxiously trying to decide what I should select as my club. I had taken a journalism course the previous year, but I was unsure whether I wanted to continue to pursue a path in that direction. I decided to give it a try, and I am so glad I did. The first year was extremely difficult. We had members coming in and out, but we survived. Seeing how much we have grown in three short years warms my heart. We have so many dedicated members on our staff and it makes me so happy that I decided to give BSN Online a chance. We still have a lot to improve on, but I have such high hopes for next year’s staff, and even the far future. Blue Streak News Online will forever have a place in my heart.”

Priya Hans: “I’d have to say my favorite high school memory has been the week or two around the NHS Induction, Dodgeball Tournament, and Four Diamonds Pageant junior and senior year. They all happen around each other, so it’s a busy and fun time. I loved participating in these events and it’s always uplifting to see students and the community come together!”

Dayanna Blanco: “My favorite high school memory are the Saturday showcase days from marching band!”

Jack Gingrich: “One of my favorite memories from high school was having a winning doubles record with Dylan Norton during our junior year tennis season.” 

Sabrina Sison: “One of my favorite memories that captures the essence of my high school experience is physics-caroling. Maybe it was the spirit if the season or maybe it was the fact that most of our class was seniors so we were more exuberant, but this year we went all out. We stopped multiple teachers and administrators in the hallway to serenade them and we even interrupted a convo-study hall to get on stage and sing. Being with my friends and spreading the joy of the season at the top of our lungs while singing off-key will forever be something I remember.”

Emilia Gonzalez: “My favorite memory has to do with the social aspect of the high school experience. It would have to be football games such as homecoming. Fridays were the most exciting day of the week in the fall because everyone was looking forward to cheering on the football team, as well as standing in the bleachers with my friends all decked out for that night’s theme. And it was even more exciting if we were winning because of the amount of excitement coming from the student section. And afterwards we all went to Knight and Day Diner and we got to finish out the night laughing and enjoying the company with my friends along with a milkshake and fries. From your freshman year you look forward to getting to stand in the very front and cheer as loudly as possible and once you get there it’s such a great experience that I will always remember so dearly!”