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Humans of MT

Hana Musser

“(My dad) He was in the military for 15 years, so he kind of always stressed dedication, so when I was younger, I would join a sport and then I wouldn’t like it and he would be like, ‘you made a commitment, you have to see it through’…He’s kind of always pushed me to be better than I would originally aim for — always pushing me higher, I guess…I feel like I’m a pretty anxious person just ‘cause I overthink things kind of like naturally and so rifle-obviously if you shake a lot that’s not good for holding it still — so I feel like it’s forced me to kind of learn how to control my nerves so even when I am nervous I’m more put together. And so I can kind of get through…Rifle you have so much time to think but I kind of use that as my time to just sort out my thoughts and everything that I’m thinking about and different issues that I have. ”

Danielle Courtot

“If I can’t make someone else happy it makes me sad…Whatever’s going to happen will happen and you can’t really stop it. So go with the flow and if it’s destined to really be it will be…If I have a “thing” with someone and like they- it starts going badly I’ll just be like if it was destined that we would be together it would just work out and it wouldn’t be this hard and it wouldn’t make me upset and if it’s making me upset then it’s not really destined I guess…I live life with a motto of don’t regret anything because at some point it was exactly what you wanted and what you needed. So, I don’t regret anything because at some point it made me happy…A lot of people regret like boyfriends or significant others and I find that to be dumb because it’s- though it didn’t work out- it kind of- at the time it was exactly what you felt that you needed and what made you the happiest at that time so why regret something that made you happy for a short amount of time?”

Lauren Bennett

“Just hang in there because sometimes when I have a really bad week and I just can’t wait for the week to be over but it goes by so slowly, I just have to realize in five days it’s gonna be Friday and everything will be okay…Take one day at a time would be my piece of advice because some days I just feel so stressed with school and swim and everything and I just need to realize it’s just one day out of 365 days and if I can get through this one day I can get through any other days…I really just try to be a kind person and just be nice to everyone…I think sometimes you don’t know what can make a person’s day…Also just like walking with my friends through the halls and just having lunch with them and- just some of my best memories are with my friends.”

Michelle Tran

“When I was little, I was a troublemaker. Around five years old I cut all of my cousin’s hair off. I was also prone to taking stuff out of the refrigerator and throwing it to the ground, and it would spill everywhere. I used to lie a lot too when I was little. Lie about everything.”

Bella Pallan

“My grandma was over at my house, and she’s like my least favorite person ever…my sister was just reading in her room and my grandma came in and she started yelling at her, and since I was kinda scared of her and didn’t want her to yell at me, I jumped out my window. It was just first floor… and it was warm so I just ran down the street and I went to Sheetz and it was great… I came back in like an hour.”


“I was walking a dog and when I went to put it back in the house it sprinted off its leash and I had to go and find it. It took me almost an hour to find it. I started looking in the backyard yard, and then we all got in cars to look for it. There were a bunch of cars stopped just looking for the dog. It kept running away from us, we finally caught it and took it back home and put it away. It made me feel scared because I was scared it would get hit by a car.”

Abby Herbert

“I’m still struggling accepting who I am and not caring what anybody thinks and like confidence. I’ve been telling myself it doesn’t matter how many followers you have or how many likes you get on a post. It literally has no say on your worth. You should just be yourself and forget about everybody around you and just focus on who you are. If you have one really good friend that’s better than 30,000 fake friends. You just have to be confident in who you are, it doesn’t matter what you look like, what you talk like, how many friends you have, or even how much you participate in class because everyone is an amazing human being and will do wonderful in this very complicated life”

Sofia Biever

“My grandmother who died when I was in the 6th grade, was very faithful and she went to church every Sunday and helped out as much as possible and even though I personally don’t believe in that stuff it was nice to have somebody who believed in something as much as she did, and I think her belief in it made her the way she was… She was just the nicest person ever… She loved frogs and have a ton of stuffed frogs and glass frogs, she was the best person ever. She gave me this necklace and I now wear it everyday.”

Ruthza Gerard

“Kindness is underrated. People take kindness for granted. Never take for granted someone that is helping you, they never have to yet they choose to do so. I try to be kind as much as possible, it’s something I’ve been taught, and if people don’t acknowledge it, that’s their problem.”

Emma Linkey

“There’s always somebody to help you, so you don’t have to feel like you’re struggling by yourself. … you really get nowhere if you don’t ask for the help you need. Don’t just sit there and struggle by yourself, cause it doesn’t really feel that great. … I guess I’d tell myself to speak up more, get yourself heard.”

Olivia Zerebilov

“Well, I guess the reason why I’m always competing with myself is ‘cause I live with a sense of urgency. I, the thing that makes me do well in school is because I feel like I have to always put in my best; and not just my best, but more than what’s expected. I always wanna, like, I’m always trying to blow people’s minds — and I guess that’s what’s helped me do well in school. I don’t think I’m anything too special, I’m not some prodigy or genius, but I try and work harder than most people would.”

Sarah Frey

“One of my favorite memories is when my family was making cookies with my grandma … we would bake cookies which you had to prepare a few days beforehand. I didn’t really help with the dough since I was younger, but I got to help decorate them with sprinkles… she had an influence on me growing up. Looking back on it now our habits and quirks are pretty similar.”