/Students of MT

Students of MT

Michelle Tran: “When I was little, I was a troublemaker. Around five years old I cut all of my cousin’s hair off. I was also prone to taking stuff out of the refrigerator and throwing it to the ground, and it would spill everywhere. I used to lie a lot too when I was little. Lie about everything.” (by Raewyn Kraybill)

Bella Pallan: “My grandma was over at my house, and she’s like my least favorite person ever…my sister was just reading in her room and my grandma came in and she started yelling at her, and since I was kinda scared of her and didn’t want her to yell at me, I jumped out my window. It was just first floor… and it was warm so I just ran down the street and I went to Sheetz and it was great… I came back in like an hour.” (by Raewyn Kraybill)

“I was walking a dog and when I went to put it back in the house it sprinted off its leash and I had to go and find it. It took me almost an hour to find it. I started looking in the backyard yard, and then we all got in cars to look for it. There were a bunch of cars stopped just looking for the dog. It kept running away from us, we finally caught it and took it back home and put it away. It made me feel scared because I was scared it would get hit by a car.”